Very Superstitious…

In Italian culture there are numerous amount of beliefs. These beliefs can be also known as superstitions. All throughout Italy, for the longest of time, families and friends have had lists of superstitions that they believe in. Depending on the superstition, there are rituals that are done to ensure the family member that the “curse” does not come true. One of the oldest superstitions in Italy is the malocchio, also known as bad eye, or evil eye. It is said that when a person looks at another individual with the slightest bit of jealousy or envy, the person being looked at is cursed. People usually wear the Italian horn which is the shape of a chili pepper, and it is symbolized to ward off evil spirits. Also, a ritual is done where a drop of olive oil is dropped into a bowl of water. If the oil beads around the rim of the bowl, the family member is to pray to a woman saint. If the oil beads in a row then the family member must pray to a male saint. This is the most popular Italian superstition to this day. Another popular superstition done by Italians relates to bread. Before putting a loaf of bread into the oven, traditionally, one is supposed to make  the sign of the cross. Also, when taking the bread out, one is not to let it slip upside down. This is a disrespectful to the body of Christ. When throwing bread out, regardless if it is stale, one is to always kiss it before putting it in the trash. These are only a few of the Italian superstitions, however there are more to the list that are still practiced today in Italy.


One thought on “Very Superstitious…

  1. Buona sera Carla,
    What a great story! I am from the south of Spain and we are also superstitious. We have the superstition of the malocchio as well. I had never heard about the bread tradition and I was fascinated, 🙂


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